FPV Smartphone Goggles

Introduction: FPV Smartphone Goggles

Hi guys,

this is a cool modification of my other instructable on a FPV Smartphone Monitor. The basics are the same but with a pair of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses you can use your smartphone as FPV goggles! Most people, including me, prefer flying their RC drones with FPV goggles, as you really get immersed.

You need

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Step 1: FPV Smartphone Monitor

Follow the instructions on my previous instructable on how to build a FPV smartphone monitor: https://www.instructables.com/id/FPV-Smartphone-Mon...

Step 2: Set Your VR Glasses Up

  • Turn on the FPViewer app, ensure that you have a stable connection.
  • Put the smartphone into the VR goggles. Make sure that the the app is in VR mode. It is the right mode, if you can see a splitscreen with 2 screens next to each other.
  • If you want to record a video, touch the record button. Don't worry, even though you are in VR mode on your smartphone display, the video is recorded in fullscreen mode.
  • Fix the receiver, the receiver battery and the video cable to the VR glasses.
  • Put the VR glasses on. Make sure, you have a comfortable fit. If needed, you can adapt the distance of the smartphone screen to your eyes. Usually, it should be fine.
  • Now your FPV smartphone goggles are finished! Be careful on your first flight, and check if time lag of the video transmission is ok!

Have fun!

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