Simple Paddle Game

Introduction: Simple Paddle Game

Were gonna make a simple game with a paddle and a bomb using game maker studio.

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Step 1: Sprites

First you need to make sprites.I recommend using photoshop for making characters.This time i used Game maker paint.For the paddle i used 16 height and 96 width.For the bomb 32x32.I recommend to go to modify mask and choose the mask in shape of a diamond.

Step 2: Obj_player

To make the paddle you add the events seen on the first picture.Set horizontal speed for left must be negative,right must be positive.If you set Relative you should go faster every second.For key release and wall collision set horizontal speed = 0.

Step 3: Obj_bomb

First you add create event to set the vertical speed (i recommend it to be relative),and bounce against all objects.Collision with the paddle is to set bounce against all objects and set score relative to any number you want.For wall collision with wall set bounce against all objects and set vert. speed to a positive relative number.For outside room set display message for game over and you can set :end game,restart game or reset room.

Step 4: Score

Make a invisible sprite called "Draw".Then make the object and add draw GUI event.Into it add show score and colour it with any color you want.

Step 5: Set Room and Enjoy!

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