Geriatric Care Robot

Over the last few decades, technology has advanced at a rapid rate and spread around the globe. The affordability and accessibility of technology has brought many benefits, including better scientific research, improved quality of life, and a higher average life expectancy in a number of countries. Since many aspects of daily life are automated, people can focus on their careers and interests.In the not too distant future robots may play a role in the care of senior citizens.

So here I decided to build a robot which could be used by elderly people with some features which exclusively targets on elder ones at home.

Features of GCR :

1. This robot will remind the user regarding the medicines to be taken and also act as a TV show reminder.

2. This robot will act as an nutritionist for the user by giving advice to the user regarding food intake.

3.This robot will bring out memories of the family members when the user is sick or upset

4.This robot will clear way for the user to move freely inside the house

5.This robot will act as an physical support for the user to get up .

6.This robot will communicate with the house automation systems helping the user feel safe inside the house

7.If the user feels uncomfortable then this will dial the users close relatives to give them confidence.

8.This robot can help the user inside kitchen too.

9.It allows the Care taker to moniter the robots performance via web server.

10. Has a panic option when the robot will automatically send a distress signal to the neighbours in case of emergency.

Step 1: Reminds the User Regarding Medicine

The care taker has to keep the specified medicine in the respective box and when the medicine reminder option in selected in the mobile then the robot will raise its hand and indicate the prescribed medicine to be taken with the respective LED at the mentioned time via voice commands . Once the medicine is taken they need to acknowledge so that this will be reported to the care taker once he's available .

Step 2: Provides Mental Help

When elder person is upset or depressed then obviously a person next to him/her would start distracting the elder person by showing happy moments of his/her family .Yeah GCR does that even ,here in this model the user needs to tell the robot that he's upset which sounds little silly so in my next prototype I've decided to reprogram it by detecting facial expressions to identify when the elder one is upset.

Step 3: Removes Obstacle

An ultrasonic sensor which is added provides the robot an additional facility to detect obstacle , It'll prompt the user through voice and the user can command the robot to remove it then the robot will move it and will place it aside .

Step 4: Physical Help

When the elder person needs a hand in getting up or when they need someone to hold a particular thing for a while then this GCR can do it .

Here I've used normal PVC pipes and a small servo controlled hand yet they served the purpose well.

Step 5: Communicate With Home Automation Systems

The first thing that would come in mind regarding automation is HOME AUTOMATION . So here GCR is enabled with an 433MHZ TX and I've built my own home automation unit to demonstrate.

So if the user needs the light or any appliance to be turned on then they can command the robot and this robot will communicate with the home automation unit .

Step 6: Emergency !

At last during any emergency situation if the care taker needs to be alerted then this is made possible by making a phone call . Here as of now the emergency situation is declared by the user itself but according to suggestions given I'm planning to detect such scenarios by using image processing itself .

Step 7: GCR Design and Components Used

Components used :

HC 05

433MHZ tx rx







these were the major components used to build this robot . I built my own application using MITAPPINVENTOR.COM.

The main reason I used a mobile phone instead of custom made voice recognition boards is because I decided to use all the sensors and GSM facilities already available in the phone to which I can gain access via my application and transfer the necessary values via bluetooth. Yet another valid point would be because when the mobile is placed on the robot body then it will act as a robot and if you are planning to leave the house then you can just simply carry your phone and walk away ;-)

they code for the arduino and the pins are mentioned in the file that I've attached .

-Thank you .



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    3 years ago

    You have used a lot of imagination. I vote for you to win the grand prize!!!!

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Amazing idea! The robot looks fantastic!

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    This looks like a fun little robot. Nice work!

    1 reply