Intro: Lasercut Plywood Pulley Cran (Made by Soren Sorensen and Nick Larsen)

Introduction: Intro: Lasercut Plywood Pulley Cran (Made by Soren Sorensen and Nick Larsen)

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To build this awesome crane, capable of lifting around 10 pounds, all you need is...
1 pcs of plywood 600 x 600mm, (6mm thick)
2 Syrings (12ml)
1 rubber tube
8 Bolts and Nuts
1 string (1m or longer)
Access to a laser cutter.

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Step 1: Step 1: Piece a and Piece B

Take 7 x B and place theme through the holes on piece 1 x A.

Step 2: Step 2: Use Pieces 1 X C / 1 X D / 3 XE

Step 3: Step 3: Use Piece 1 X B / 1 X F / 1 X G / 1 X H / 3 X E

Step 4: Step 4: Use 1 X I

Now is time to put on the rope.
Bind the rope to the shown B piece.
Let the rope go around piece H and finally around piece F.

Step 5: Step 5: Use 1 X C / 1 X D / 3 X E

Step 6: Step 6: How Piece G Should Sit After Step 5

Step 7: Step 7: Use 1 X A

Step 8: Step 8: Use 8 X J

Step 9: Step 9: Use 1 X K

Push the crane down and into the holes on the piece K and hereafter press the crane forward.

Step 10: Step 10: Use Piece 2 X L

Step 11: Step 11: Install the Syring

Step 12: Step 12: Final

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    2 years ago

    what software do you use? The explode looks nice.