Intro: NFC Tags in 2 Easy Steps!




Introduction: Intro: NFC Tags in 2 Easy Steps!

Hey! So if you want the quickest rundown on the web on what NFC tags are and how to use them, you've come to the right place. The steps below just briefly explain the couple of things you need and what to do once you have those things. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and when paired with the NFC on your phone, allows you to interact with things by scanning tags which may take you to a link, show you a picture or even allow you to wirelessly pay for something using Apple Pay or Google Wallet. It works through electromagnetic induction between two loop antennas. The initiator (like your phone), generates a field which can power a passive target like a tag. Read on to get started!

Step 1: NFC Tags 101

1. NFC Tags are quite easy to use and they allow for a variety of different applications! Before you do anything else you need an android phone that has NFC capability, most of the most popular phones do but check. The next step is simply getting a pack of NFC tags. Depending on the quality and storage capacity, the price varies, but they are generally pretty cheap. For example try these: rfid tags on amazon The second thing you will need is an app of some sort to program the tags. I personally use Trigger but there are several different apps available.

2. The last step is to simply decide on what you want to do with your tag and use the available options in your app to program it. You should be able to then hold the phone over the tag and write the task to it. From then on if you have NFC turned on, when you scan the tag it will perform the programmed task!

3. Good luck and comment below with any suggestions you have or how you have used NFC tags!

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    5 years ago

    make sure your tags are compatible with your phone. mifare tags do not work with Samsung Galaxy and LG phones.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Agreed; this is indeed very important to look out for.