Intro to Autocad. I Made It at Techshop

Introduction: Intro to Autocad. I Made It at Techshop

This instructables is meant for the beginner Autocad user.  The goal of this project is to try to redraw the flower image within Autocad, which then can eventually be used to bring into the laser cutting step of the process (next instructables).

I made it at Techshop


Step 1.   (screenshot #1) open autocad.  find the "commend" line at the bottom of the screen.  This is where all your commands (drawing instructions) takes place.

Step 2.  (screenshot #2-4)
first find out how large of an area your work will be in.  for this project, my laser cutting area will be 18" high by 24" wide.  So I will need to draw a rectangular box.  

Command line:  L (enter), L=Line. move your cursor in each direction to complete your first rectangular.

Step 3 (screenshot #5)
draw a circle at the center of your rectangle.  

Command line:  C (enter), C=Circle.  this command will allow your cursor movement to direct where your circle/radius should begin and end.  

Step 4 (screenshot #6 & #7)
repeat step 3 and draw multiple circles at different sizes and location giving your flower design an organic feel.

Step 5 (screenshot #8)
Move your finished flower to the top of the rectangular (your wood or plastic material for the laser cutter).  Saving material and space for additional user.

Command line:  M (center), M=Move.

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