Introducing the FingerFan My New Invention

Intro: Introducing the FingerFan My New Invention

Introducing my all new invention, drum roll please .....................the all new FingerFan!! This all new fan is fast, portable, easy, and great way to cool down!

Step 1: You Will Need.......

• A Cardboard Box!!!!
• Scissors!!!
• Two large Tounge Depressors!!
• Your Favorite Duct Tape!
• A Pen

Step 2: Cut Away!

Cut the front off the box. Then, draw a square on the piece you cut out. Try to make it Exact. If you feel like it, draw something on it. WARNING: IF YOU DOODLE REMEMBER THAT THE CARDBOARD IS GOING TO BE COVERED UP WITH DUCT TAPE!!

Step 3: Duct Tape Time!!!!!!

This is real simple. Cut out the square, and cover it in duct tape of your choice. Make sure no cardboard is visible.

Step 4: Handle

Tape the to tounge depressors together as shown. Tape this to one side of the duct tape covered cardboard.

Step 5: Put It On... and How to Use

Put your Index finger in between the tongue depressors and wave your finger up and down. Plz vote. Thanks!

Step 6:



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