Introducing the SparkPirate!

Introduction: Introducing the SparkPirate!

I ordered some stuff from Sparkfun on freeday, Jan. 7, 2010 (unfortunately I didn't get the discount, but I bought anyway because I needed it). My buspirate did not come in the main order, and got here just today. IT came in a nifty little red Sparkfun box. Rather than throwing it away, I hacked the buspirate into it, making it into a cool case.

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    The Ideanator

    ...But this isn't an instructable, or it wasn't when I published it. I seriously don't know why it's not called a slideshow any more, these changes are Fn ridiculous.

    Also, if the budding computer scientist can't be bothered to or doesn't know to google it to find out what it is, than they should seriously consider a different career or hobby. If you want to run in the Maker community, you almost are required to know how to figure simple things out for yourself, like looking up the buspirate  (however if all the commonly suggested routes have been tried, you should ask for help). And if you needed to clarify every single detail of something and end up taking a simple 10 page paper on the bus pirate for example, and turning it into something which crams an electrical engineering Ph.D.'s worth of information into something comparable to War and Peace.


    10 years ago on Introduction

     And that's what makes Sparkfun a cut above the other suppliers! They ship their parts in their own diy cases!