Introducing the Sweatshirt Skirt




Ok I know that skirts made from sweatsuit material(warm fuzzy knits)are not new.However I decided to take an old sweatshirt and turn it into a cute skirt, using the sleeves as nifty little pockets.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Sweatshirt

I used an old sweatshirt that had a part of one sleeve missing (I used it for a project some time ago)

Next thing is to measure your waist. Take that number and divide it in half. Then measure the front of your shirt to make sure that it will fit on your bottom half.

Step 2: Some More Measuring and a Little Cutting

Lay the sleeves of your shirt straight out to each side. Decide how deep you want your pockets to be. I cut my sleeves at 8inches.

Step 3: Tuck N Cut

First, tuck the sleeves (aka pockets) to the inside of the shirt.

Then cut (through all thicknesses) across the line you measured for your waist.

The whole top of the shirt should be open.

Now is a good time to try it on and see how its going to fit. Make sure the sleeves are in front of you and then pin the sides to see how it looks

Step 4: Making the Pockets

Turn your shirt inside out with sleeves straight. Make sure that the front of the shirt is facing up. Cut the top flap of the sleeve to within about 1/2in of the seam.

Fold the 1/2in little flap in over the seam. Stitch it closed. I did mine by hand but you use a machine if you like.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Pockets

Once you have stitched up the front of the pockets its time to attache the long left over flaps.

Fold the flaps in towards the middle over the seam you just closed.

Sew the sleeve flap onto the front of the skirt. Make sure you dont sew waist closed. you should be sewing through two layers not three.

I used a zizzag stitch to allow the knit to stretch without poping the seam.

Step 6: Finishing the Waistband

A simple way to keep this skirt on and give it a finshed look is to add a drawstring waistband.

Mark where you want the drawstring to come through. Then cut a little slit in each place. (you can sew a buttonhole here if you prefer.)
(Turn inside out)
Fold down top of skirt to form casing for the string.Sew it all the way around. If using a machine a small zigzag stitch will again allow for stretch without popping the seam.

(Turn right side out)
Grab your string or ribbon or waht ever you want to use to tie your skirt.(i used the string from an old hoodie which just happened to match perfectly)

Attach a safety pin to one end of the string and thread it through one of the holes you cut earlier. Push through until it comes out the second hole.

Adust the strings so they hang evenly.

Step 7: And Now You're Ready to Go

Your new skirt is done and ready to be modeled for all your friends.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm... I think you might want to add a picture that's a bit more "zoomed out", so we can see the final results a bit more in context. Otherwise, I can't help but thinking "hey, why is she wearing a sweatshirt as a skirt?" ;-)

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Step 7

    I absolutely love that! Now I only need to find a sweatshirt


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Cute idea. Nice conversion. I do agree with Patrik though. An overall picture would be nice. :3


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome job! My mom would probably like this - we have a lot of jackets and stuff lying around.