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So here's a simple re-use / recycle project using glass bottles, wire, and a sheet of plywood. It's very simple, and can be done far more cheaply using cardboard and string. This project only takes a couple hours.

This is my second ible, and it's nowhere as detailed as my first ible, but it is much simpler. Feedback is much appreciated!

Also, I have to thank nickodemus  for uploading his ible , because it reminded me of my old project, which I shall now share.

Step 1: Get You Materials!

Here's a list of the things you are going to need:

Glass bottles
3 in. screws
Circular saw / jigsaw
Drill & bits
Staple gun or tape
Liquid nails or epoxy
Protective gear

Step 2: Preparing the Plywood

Start with cutting the plywood down to size. I prefer using a sheet that's about an inch shorter than the bottle of choice.

Measure out the plywood. Evenly space the bottles, and draw a line for where you want the bottom of the bottles.

Step 3: Cutting the Notches

Using the basic sanding bit, start making cuts into the plywood. Make short quick passes as you cut into the wood, otherwise you will make nasty dark patches of burnt wood and damage your Dremel. There will probably be dark spots left on the bottom of each notch. Use a smaller sanding tool to remove those later. Just remember. TAKE YOUR TIME!

Aim to cut about 2/3 of the way into the plywood.

Step 4: Drilling Holes

Mark places for holes. These holes will be used for the wire that holds the bottle up. Make additional pilot holes for mounting.

A simple tip on pilot holes. Select a drill bit just slightly smaller or the same size of the screw's body (that's the thickness of the screw without the threads).

Step 5: Putting in the Wires

After drilling all the holes, grab a sanding block and some sand paper. Sand the surface and edges of the plywood. This should erase all the pencil marks and other dings on the plywood.

Take 3 equal lengths of wire and thread them through the holes. Place the bottles in just to line them all up.

Step 6: Mounting the Board

Bend wires so they cross over each other in the back. Grab a staple gun and staple down the wires. Duct tape works perfectly fine, too.

Next, throw the board onto the wall and use a drill to put in the screws. It's helpful to put the screws just a bit into the pilot holes before mounting onto the wall. Make sure to use a level!

Step 7: Wrapping Up

Glob some Liquid Nails inside each of the notches. Apply liberally. It can be cleaned up before it dries. Pop those bottles in, let the glue dry, and you're done!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great project. Perhaps giving it a proper title would be encourage more people to look.

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