Paper Balloon

Introduction: Paper Balloon

This guide will show how to create a paper balloon/bomb . It is very simple, can be done alone with cheap materials, and the folds are not that tricky.

All materials will be listed on their respective steps
Materials :
2 A4 papers
1 Scissors
(Optional) 1 Ruler

Step 1: A4 to Square Paper

1 A4 Paper

First, take one A4 piece of paper, fold the top into a large triangle with the bottom part left out, and cut the left out part (see images)

This should form a right triangle, and when unfolded the A4 paper will now look like a square

Step 2: X Fold

A4 Paper

Unfold paper and fold the opposite side into a triangle. Unfold it and now the square paper will have an X formed by the folds.

Step 3: The 2 Sided Triangle

A4 Paper

Watch carefully the images and steps. The final result will be a weird triangle for this step, such as in the last images (4th and 5th). There are 4 triangles in the squared paper being formed by the “x” shaped folds. Push 2 opposite triangles into each other and make the other two stick inside the other folded 2 (see images 1, 2 and 3)

Step 4: Form a Diamond Shape

A4 Paper

You will see now that you have 2 separate triangles on each side of the paper, and they are just folded together. Fold the corners of the triangle so that their tips fold exactly into the middle tip of the triangle. Do this step for both sides of the triangle, the ending result will be a diamond shaped paper.

Step 5: Smaller Corner Folds

A4 Paper

You will now have a weird diamond-like shaped paper from the last step, and should be the same front and back, as seen in the previous step. Fold the side corners to the middle of the paper. Do this for both sides of the paper. The side corners are equal to each other, while the top and bottom corners are different.

Step 6: Top Tip Folds

A4 Paper

The top of the paper balloon so far looks different from the bottom . This allows this last fold, which is put the tips of the two original points from step 3 into boxes formed by the mini-triangles folded into the middle of the paper. This is so that when the paper is filled out these two points don’t stick out.

Step 7: Done! Finished Paper Balloon

A4 Paper
Scissors (Optional)

The paper balloon is complete by this point! You just have to fill it with water or air now. There will be a whole in the top part, where the corners were folded away from. Blow air into it too see it get into a “3D” shape. To fill it with water it may be a better idea to cut a larger opening on the top. You are complete!

Step 8: Conclusion


Thank you for reading my guide, I hope it was worthwhile and not boring, as well as productive.

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