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Ever gone out and accidently left the computer on or forgotten to heat the oven up? We all know how long jacket potatoes take. Or you want to switch the computer on to remote access it?  Never fear, PiDuino is here.

PiDuino is the revolutionary new machine that can be wireless controlled by you at the touch of a finger! It uses a Raspberry Pi and Arduino to clean, sense and just do things in general. Let's say you need to stay late at school or work.  Just need to put the food you want cooking in the oven and switch it on while your away. Take another scenario. You are sat bored somewhere, wishing you could be doing housework to get it over with. Get your tablet or phone with 3G or WiFi to switch on the vacuum cleaner and take it for a drive round the house- cleaning as you go!

Ability to move
Robotic arm
2 cameras
Vacuum cleaner

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Step 1: The Base

The base would be made from aluminum and would use 12 v stepper motors on each wheel so it could climb over objects with relative ease and so it will have more torque than conventional motors. I would 3D print (a mini UP! 3D printer would do the job perfectly :P) the wheels so i could add rubber bands over the top for more grip.

The batteries would be mounted here. 9v for the Arduino, 5v micro USB for the PI and a power source for the motors, vacuum cleaner and robotic arm. There's not really any more to say for the base. Nice and simple!

Step 2: The Robotic Arm

I would use something similar to this- (robotic arm from Maplin) but stronger so it could lift heavier objects and turn heavier dials such as bath taps. I would interface this with the Raspberry Pi and use the program to make certain buttons on the web site do certain moves on the program. I would try to do this without wires. I would use the the Pi also to move the linear motor that would make it variable height. This would be on a platform underneath the arm. A small scissor lift really. 

Step 3: Thermometer

This would be a simple circuit on the Arduino and would show on a LCD screen that could be viewed by the cameras. I have made one of these circuits before but I didn't take a picture. It basically uses a TMP 36 that puts a voltage into Arduino which can then be read and processed as an output.

Step 4: Vacuum Cleaner

For this, I would scavenge the parts out of an old vacuum cleaner and use them in a circuit. I would have to make AC current out of DC somehow but I'm sure that can be overcome with a bit of ingenuity. It would be separate from the micro controller and the computer except from a servo (or transistor) being used to switch on the circuit.

Step 5: Cameras

I think I would use two of these cameras as they are relatively easy to integrate into the Pi because Raspberry Pi make them. They would have a servo beneath them so they could turn to view different things. There isn't much more to say for these because they go straight on and work a treat as far as I am aware.

Step 6: Round Up (plus Some Possible Future Additions)

I may add a couple of photovoltaic cells (solar) later if I do make it. This would allow it to charge wherever it is and not have to be plugged into the mains every time it goes out.

I hope you like this and if you do I would really appreciate a vote in the Youth Design Challenge. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and I will try my best to answer.
Thanks! :)

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