How to Turn a DS Into a GameCube

Introduction: How to Turn a DS Into a GameCube

There are tons of ways to play GameCube games like Sonic Adventure DX, Cars, and other GameCube games on a DS, however I will show you how to turn a DS into a GameCube and play GameCube games on it. I should call the GameCubified DS the Nintendo DSCube. 

All you need is a Nintendo DS of any choice,  a GameCube, a GameCube controller and a screwdriver.

Step 1: Unscrewing the Systems

Unscrew the DS, GameCube and GameCube controlller using a screwdriver.

Step 2: Editing the Control Layout

Delete the Select button from the DS. Move the Start button to the bottom of the Touch Screen. Move the + Control Pad  a little downer untill you have room to put the GameCube Control Stick. Add the C Stick below the A, B, X and Y buttons for camera movement in GameCube games.

Step 3: Adding the Memory Card Slots

Remove the GBA slot from the DS unit. Then put the GameCube memory card slots in place of the GBA slot.

Step 4: Adding the TV Port

Remove the headphone jack from the DS. Put in a TV port from a vSmile Cyber Pocket or a Leapster L-MAX.

Step 5: Adding the GameCube Disc Drive

Remove the game card slot, replace it with the GameCube disc drive and use a disc slot from the Wii.

Step 6: You're All Ready!

You can now enjoy playing GameCube games on a DS because you turned it into a GameCube! (NOTE: GameCube controllers, link cables, online adapters and the Game Boy Player will not work on the Nintendo DSCube.



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