Simple Example for E-paper

Electronic paper, e-paper and electronic ink are display technologies which are designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit flat panel displays which emit light, electronic paper displays reflect light like ordinary paper, theoretically making it more comfortable to read, and giving the surface a wider viewing angle compared to conventional displays. The contrast ratio in available displays as of 2008 might be described as similar to that of newspaper, though newly developed displays are slightly better. An ideal e-paper display can be read in direct sunlight without the image appearing to fade.

There are some updates on this version.

Has 5V input to solve  when displaying “pcDuino” on the E-Paper Shield the pcDuino will reboot.
At the first version the SPI interface cross the Arduino SPI, we fix this issue, now we can use hard SPI interface, improved display speed.

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Step 1: Wiring Giagram

Step 2: Experiment Introduce

This experiment is let E-Paper Shield display “pcDuino” 

1. Use Image2Lcd
How to use Image2lcd software please refer to other post
2. Introduce some commands
E-Paper Shield uses SPI interface, in order to improve refresh speed, we suggest to use hard SPI and D9 for status output. After sending every command or data, need to judge and wait until the module is free. (If the module is idle, the level of status output pin D9 wiil be turned. If the module do not turn level for a long time, we can pull CS signal to end the current command and get back to idle status. (Note: When refreshing image data, it will take a longer time). For example,
void ClearScring(void)
  bool DeviceStatus;
  DeviceStatus = digitalRead(STATUS_PIN); //Record the status before sending
  digitalWrite(CS_PIN,LOW);//Low CS signal
  SpiExchangeByte(3); //Send commands
  while(digitalRead(STATUS_PIN) == DeviceStatus)//Judge and wait for module to idle
  digitalWrite(CS_PIN,HIGH);//High CS singal

Step 3: Download

Download epdtest



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