Wooden Paddle Wheel Boat Assembly

Introduction: Wooden Paddle Wheel Boat Assembly

Today's aim is to become a Mechanical Engineer.  From the provided Engineering design a wooden toy paddle boat will be constructed in real-time.  The assembly is simple and requires no additional knowledge.  Have fun!

Safety Concerns
Do not consume Super Glue.
Keep away from eyes.
Be careful not to glue finger to wooden boat because the glue bonds very quickly.

With pieces cut and ready   (10 minutes or less)

With pre-made boat kit   (free)
From scratch   (approximately $9.00 + tax)

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Step 1: Supplies & Equipment

Specification diagrams in inches (above)

With kit:
1 Boat Base
2 Pegs                   
1 Square Block    
1 Smoke stack
1 Paddle Wheel
1 Rubber band

2 Tubes of Super Glue

From scratch (created in same order as parts listen above):
(1) 5/8 in. x 3.5 in. x 6 ft. Pine Dog Ear Picket   ($1.48 at Home Depot)
(1) Bag of Wooden Pegs   ($0.79 at Michael's)                
(1) 1 in. x 6 in. x 6 ft. Pine Dog-Ear Picket   ($2.15 at Home Depot)
(1) 1 in. diameter x 2 ft. long wooden cylinder   ($0.89 at Michael's)
(1) 3 1/2 in. x 9 1/2 in. x 1/16 in. Wood Door Hanger   ($0.79 at Michael's)
(1) Advantage 2 oz. Assorted Rubber Bands   ($0.98 at Home Depot)

(1)  Super Glue Gel Glue 2-Pack   ($1.97 at Home Depot)

Step 2: Attach Pegs

For this step the glue is not needed.  Simply take each wooden peg and push or twist into holes shown.

Step 3: Attach Square Block

Apply super glue to one side of the square block.  Center to the rectangular cut and place half an inch away from the back.  Attach block.  Apply light pressure and wait 1-2 minutes for glue to dry.

Step 4: Attach Smoke Stack

Pick up the cylinder-shaped wood piece.  Apply super glue to one side and position on top of the square block.  Attach cylinder, apply light pressure and wait 1-2 minutes for glue to dry.

Step 5: Set Up Paddle Wheel

Pick up both the paddle wheel and the rubber band.  First wrap the rubber band around the paddle wheel.  Next attach both ends of the rubber band to the pegs of the wooden boat.  

Now slowly and carefully rotate paddle wheel towards you.  When a sufficient number of revolutions have been made, release the paddle wheel.  Finally, test out the wooden paddle boat in water and have fun!

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