Cord Reel Storage Box




One of the problems in our daily life, is that there are many problems with plugs. It is troublesome to pull and clear up the battery chargers of a PC, a smartphone, and a portable player every time. But it is also troublesome to keep on placing a plug because a cord gets twisted up complicatedly and ?they? occupies some corners in your room. So we suggest to you the gadget “cord reel storage box” to solve this problem. This gadget can be made with personal little things and everyone can easily solve the issue of messy cord. Cables connected to wall sockets and hubs are stored in this box. The cables are wound on the reel inside the box. And you can pull out the connector from the box. You pull out cables of the necessary length and you rewind them if they are not needed. It is possible to prevent cables from messy.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

・a box of desired size

・three wood sticks

・three curtain hooks

・vinyl tapes

・three screws


・Screw driver


Step 2: Drill the Box

Drill the bottom of the box at regular intervals to place the screws in three places. Note that screws and the hole is same size. And drill the two sides of the box at regular intervals to pass the plug. Also note that the size of the side two holes is bigger than the plug.

Step 3: Processing of the Sticks

Make a hole for screw in every cut wood stick with a gimlet at center

of it. And attach curtain hooks on each wood sticks with vinyl tapes.

Step 4: Combine

Pass the screws from the bottom of the box and screw down the cut wood

sticks. Finally, smooth the edges of the holes with a file.

Step 5: Finish

Step 6: How to Use

Wind an unused cord around the wood sticks and hook a part of the cord with the curtain hook. And unite the cord from the stick and make the cord straight, when you use.These pictures show the state in which the cord has been cleaned up. From now on you can keep your environment around outlets clean in this way!

[!Causion!]Don’t use with the cord wound around the stick. It’s a fire hazard.



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