Introduction to GPS Module of Linkit One

Introduction: Introduction to GPS Module of Linkit One

Tracking of location is one of the important piece of IoT. Thus the MediaTek Linkit One comes with an inbuild GPS module which can track locations using GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU systems

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Step 1: Connections

Since this board contains all the module inbuilt, we just have to attach an an GPS antenna provided to us in the GPS slot on this back of the board

Note: The connector jacks are very delicate. Please the antenna soft handedly and be careful while disassembling as well

Step 2: Code

MediaTek has been very generous to provide us with an readymade API. Thus importing the LGPS API, we can use the GPS functionality of the board.

I have provided my own very basic code. It returns data in GPGGA (refer

You can use other members of the class like GPVTG or BDGSV in case you are not getting satellites (trial and error)


Step 3: Compile, Run, Output

Compile and upload the code to the board. To get accurate results I'd suggest try using in open areas. Concrete and metal restrict the communication with the satellites

Step 4: Processing Data

You can parse the data to just give you the Latitude and the Longitude.

You can design and application which embeds Google maps. So feeding the maps coordinates in real time

Its all up to imagination

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