Introduction to Ozobot Evo Robotics




Introduction: Introduction to Ozobot Evo Robotics

The reason for this Instructable: I recently purchased an Ozobot Bit and (2) Ozobot Evos for my grandkids, as well as an Evo for myself :) I would classify myself as an Intermediate Programmer, and an Intermediate to Advanced Robotics Hobbyist. The Ozobot, especially the Ozobot Evo, really excites me as it is a pretty advanced robot, with exceptional line following abilities, 4 sensors in the front, 4 sensors in the rear, a good selection of sounds, it uses the incredible Blockly programming language by Google, which interfaces with all the popular programming languages (especially Python), and it has Bluetooth for downloading programs! Don't look down on this mighty little robot, it is a requirement in at least one computer engineering class at MIT, it is used as a tool there to learn advanced programming concepts. So why this Instructable? While there is tons of information supporting the Ozobot at, I spent hours trying to figure it all out. Not because the information wasn't there, but more that there was too much information to process. And there were a couple of quirks in at least one of the Ozobots purchased, which I had to figure out how to overcome. So I've boiled down the process, to a mere outline in two videos, to help you get up to speed quickly.

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Step 1: Step 1; Quick Start Guide

Ozobot Evo Quick Start Guide Outline

I. Getting Started

A. Charge you Ozobot

B. Download Ozobot App

C. Create account

D. Open

II. Initial Programming

A. Create simple program

B. Save to My Programs

C. Execute on Smart Phone App

III. Next steps

A. Videos

B. Blockly tutorials

C. Advanced programming

Step 2: Expanded Outline

Ozobot Expanded Guide Outline

I. Getting Started

A. Charge you Ozobot

-charge when Ozobot glows solid green

B. Download Ozobot App

1. Download on Smartphone or Ipad

2. Older Ipads do not support Bluetooth 4 so you cannot

download programs directly, but you can flash download

C. Create account in App

1. Set-up username and password

2. Power on your Evo, click connect

a. click on icon

b. click on Settings

c. Click on Calibrate

-follow instructions to calibrate

d. Click on Ownership

-name Evo

e. Click on More Info

-Run Evo checkup, update firmware if necessary

3. Explore R/C feature "Drive", "Ozolaunch", other gameD. Open on your browse

D. cont. Open

-note: always log in to your account as Ozobot automatically

keeps track of all progress and awards you with different levels of achievement (smartphone, iPad, computer)

II. Initial programming

A. Watch Tutorial

If you have an Ozobot Bit, this is how you program it

If you have an Ozobot Evo, you can also download the program with bluetooth

Click get started

a. There is a quick start box that opens, familiarize yourself

b. Select Evo in the top left corner

c. Select 1, 2, or 3 to get started programming

4. Click the “person” icon, top right hand corner

5. Log in Write your first program

a. Drag a light block on to the form

b. Set “police car lights”

c. Drag a Move block, set forward, 4 steps

d. Drag a Spin block, set spin left

e. Drag a light block, set “Fireworks

f. Drag a loop block and put blocks 3-5 inside

g. Set loop block “2”

h. Click the Save program icon

B. Save to “My Programs”

1. Click the Program Icon (folder/cd)

2. Name program

C. Execute on smartphone

1. In the Evo app select lower left hand icon


3. Check “Auto Run” and “Stay Awake”

4. Click on your newly saved program

5. Evo will execute the program

III. Next Steps

A. View our videos for a real time demonstration

B. Have at it, write some code!

-Note: while in you can explore the icons on the right hand side for sample programs and icon 'SL' shows the code in java script. How cool is that?

C. Learn advanced coding at;

See the video form of this outline on youtube;

Step 3: Downloading the Evo App Video

Here is a short video on downloading the Smart Phone App;

Step 4: Video; Ozobot Robot Simulator Programming Demo

This is exciting, and you can get kids going without owning an Ozobot! They can write code, then execute via a simulated robot.

Step 5: Video; Programming Ozobot Evo, Outline

Step 6: Video; Programming Ozobot Evo (full Video)

Step 7: Video; Programming Ozobot Loops and Flash Downloading

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this video series. Please make comments or ask questions! Good luck!

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    Question 1 year ago

    Can the Ozobot Evo App run on an ipad?


    Answer 1 year ago

    Yes. The older Ipads a little more problematic, but newer Ipads, last few years, no problem.


    Reply 1 year ago