Introduction: Inventions

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Step 1: Phone Charger

Comment, favorite, and I might just post how to do it

Step 2: Batman Gadgets

Webcam rc car

Step 3: Web Shooter

My web shooter prototype 1

Step 4: Speaker Watch

Step 5: Wolverine

Wolverine claws retractible

Wolverine claws and mask. Update: Monday June 23 claws are sharp.

Step 6: Web Shooter

Web shooter prototype 2 better smaller lighter faster

Step 7:

Put working lights and still shoots webs or what ever else you can fit in it.



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    10 months ago


    Himers hi again, my instructables account quit sending me comments to tell me I have a comment so I will post more on 2 web shooter as soon as I can. Sorry about the delay.

    Hi Himers, which web shooter(s) are you wanting me to make a instructable about?

    1 reply

    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you!!! I was meaning the 2nd... I also made an instructabe for a web shooter about three weeks ago here is the link.

    PLEASE!!! Make instructables on the web shooters!!!

    These look neat and we'd like to see how you made them!