Invisible Printer Ink





Introduction: Invisible Printer Ink

Easy tutorial about making invisible ink for inkjet printer.Cool for making your important document more safe.



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    Why I can`t watch the video?

    If no one wants to do it yourself you can buy a high quality ink kit that is met for inkjet printers. Here is a Demo : Message me with questions about invisible ink.

    Very cool instructions indeed,however i have tried it but the result were not good wit red uv ink. My solution was to purchase red uv invisible ink for printers from and fill my own cartridge.For those interested above you can print any color in invisible using the main 4 color uv inks with a printer cartridges .Only by mixing those colors you will be able to print all others.

    ebay postere viz-inv copy.jpg

    You don't need to buy all those invivible ink pens to get the invisible ink. There is a brand of fountain pen ink called Noodler's Ink, which sells invisible UV ink, avalible from many online distributors.

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    Sorry to push my products, but this is for people whom need this type of ink and are having problems locating it.
    Non flammable Invisible ink (will reveal blue when exposed to a UV Black light) 
    Invisible ink

     Will it ruin the insides of the ink-jets? I was thinking about using 2 different black cartridges 

    awesome instuctable..also you can use lemon juice and when you want to see it hold i about 3-7 inches away from the flame. make sure the paper doesnt burn though..

    oo great idea, but you also wouldnt be able to print in any other colors besides the primary colors other than yellow because the printer mixes the colors to form other colors. it would just be easier to replace the black ink and only print in black.

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    My thoughts exactly. In addition, my printer has an option to print whatever you send it in grayscale only using the black cartridge, so one could print solely in invisible.