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Very unusual will look hand made invitations in the form of scrolls. They will like to get their guests and obviously cause them enthusiasm.Invitations do not very difficult in the form of a scroll, but they look elegant and unusual. Especially such an option for a fabulous wedding or celebration in a pirate style.


Step 1: Print Text on Paper

Are printed on a sheet of landscape invitation textОбщий вид древнего приглашения не ухудшается, если выбрать подходящие шрифтыWriting letters in the scrolls characteristic of the period of history when the letters were written by hand, so the fonts should simulate calligraphy. In our time, available to download applications of various types of fonts, including simulating swashes. They not only have beautiful writing and have interalphabetic trunks.On the reverse side, do not forget to write an invitation (as shown in the pictures)Also print small labels with the name of the guest

Step 2: Aging Paper Sheets

In order to look old sheetsI crumpled up the paper and drenched it in brewed instant coffeeHold it for a few minutes to half an hour, until it is painted in the color you want.then dry them hairdryer and see the result

Step 3: Immolation Edge and Put Wax Seal

Light a candle and gently bring to a flame-colored edge earlier invitation. Quickly the contour sheet. Should get a uniform scorched line.Curl it and attach the label name of the invited personThen tie it and put a thread sealSuch invitations are extremely important, they look original and unusual. Guests will appreciate the manual work done in the form of a scroll. But these attributes wedding made the right impression, it is worth to take care of their neat form and registration must comply with the original idea.

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Have a good mood ! Good luck!



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    Question 7 months ago on Step 3

    What happened to the video?


    2 years ago

    Excelente for my antique lables, thank you


    2 years ago

    Very cool invites :) The aged effect is quite believable.


    2 years ago

    These look excellent. The finished weathered effects are really good! :)