IoT Dog Bowl

Introduction: IoT Dog Bowl

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Pets are awesome, so I decided to make a IoT dog bowl that can send me texts, push notifications, and post to twitter. It notifies me when either my dog ate his food, his bowl just got refilled or the water tank is empty. Now this isn't just for dogs its for any creature that could use a drink. Without further talk lets start!

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Step 1: Parts

you will need:

1x - Ir avoidance sensor (

1x - LinkIt One (

Foil Tape ( - I like this stuff because it sticks incredibly well

1x Fountain Pump ( - Dont get a pump over 400gph + you will need some tubing

1x Relay (

1x extension cord (you will need the plugs) ( this one is nice because you can order a 1ft peice

Some Wires

A dogbowl

1x rgb led (

some skill

Step 2: Build Part 1

Picture 1 - Connect RGB Led

Picture 2 - Connect Sensors

Picture 3 - Connect Relay

Picture 4 + 5 Attach screws to connect to dog bowl

Picture 6 - Stick 2 strips of foil tape to the side

Picture 7 - connect a wire to each strip (because only one side of the tape is conductive i used the tape to hold the wires)

Pictures 8 + 9 + 10 - Screw on your IR sensor until its tight then face it to the food bowl

Picture 11 + 12 - Connect the bucket/tank wires to the tape

Pictures 13 +14 +15+ 16+ 17 If your pump has a adjustable flow rate turn it to the min then put it in your tank and fill the tank up (due to siphoning you might want to put the bowl higher then the tank and add a check valve)

Picture 18 - Duck tape your tubing to the bowl with NON-TOXIC ductape


Coding the linkit one

Visit my site for the code

and to set up bynk add the (email, twitter, and push items)


Step 3: Build Part 2

Make your in-line-relay-switch and plug it into a GROUNDED - SURGE-PROTECTED - outlet

here is a schematic for the switch (

have all hands off everything and turn it on (bum-bum-baa)

If it looks good (ex no smoke or sparks) then you should be good to go

Step 4: Test #1

Turn everything on the linkit one should soon connect to blynk and if the bowl is empty start to fill it up.

Step 5: Place It on the Ground and Your Good to Go

I hope to like this project and vote for it also please feel free to share it

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