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IOT BIT is proud to present our mobile data development board for a range of mini computers which provides them with 4G, 3G and GSM mobile data. Our intelligent module provides your device with mobile data, GPS positioning information and battery support. This is the perfect module for hackers, scientists, and creators as it gives your device powerful connectivity wherever you are.

GSM (85 kbps) – Perfect for logging data from sensors and controlling your Raspberry Pi.

3G (4.5 mbps) – Fast internet connectivity for web browsing and small data transfers.

4G (100 mbps down/ 50 mbps up) – Ultra fast internet connectivity for your Raspberry Pi, excellent for large downloads and video streaming.

Step 1: Download and Extract Drivers

Firstly visit the link:

Download the .zip file like shown in the first picture, you need a program like WinRAR to be able to read compress files.

Now extract the file with the drivers in this instance I decided to extract in the same folder for the purpose of this tutorial.

After the file has been extract you should have something that looks like the third picture, where u can see the compress and the uncompressed folder.

Step 2: Install Drivers

Plug in the IoT Bit with the modem USB connected to the USB port in the computer. Now go to ''Device manger'' under other devices is possible to see the devices that are not installed on the system in this case the name is ''SimTech SIM5360''. This confirms that the modem has being detected by your windows machine.

Next is to install the drivers, for that we need to set up the path where we have the folder with the drivers. Right click one of the SimTech SIM5360 > Update Driver Software...

Now you should select between Automatically Search or Browse your computer, in the third picture select the second option ''Browse my computer for driver software'

Finally you need to put the path of the IoTBitdriver folder, you can appreciate this in the last picture where the folder is in the same place as Step 1, in the download folder. this last step needs to be repeated for each one of the new devices until the other devices tab is empty.

Step 3: IoTBit Drivers Installed Successfully

At this stage all the drivers should be installed. The last picture can be compared to the first picture in the second step, the system has properly recognised the drivers of IoTBit.


You have successfully installed the IoTBit on a windows system.



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