Iomega Zip Floppy Disk Wallet/Purse





Introduction: Iomega Zip Floppy Disk Wallet/Purse

Here's something I made today, using these instructions (all credit goes to them), but swapped in a Floppy for a bit of hex-permintation...

I'm inspired now to make wallets out of everything...Maybe a Clutch VCR casette?



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    Hi! Rain Blanken here, I put together the original photos and instructions for the cassette wallet on So glad that you found my tutorial helpful, and I LOVE the floppy disk spin you put on it! I will have to try this, you've inspired me. :)

    This is wicked :) I have a load of old floppy disks at home that have been rejected by my computer, now I can put them to good use :D

    Thanks for this and for the link :)

    you can use a spray adhesive to attach fabric to plastic. Elmers makes one and so does scotch, its called super 77. :)

    Does anyone know a good glue that I can use for sticking fabric to plastic? i keep getting stains on the zipper fabric from the contact glue i use.

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    i was thinking maybe you can hot glue gun it on? that might solve the problem with the stains and all.