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Hi, In this page I will share with you my bike that can clean the air from pollution.

Step 1:

The first thing you need is an air ionizer, choose a model that can fit in your handlebar, it's not important what kind of model because we have to modify it for saving space and maximize the airflow as much as is possible.

The important thing is to check that can work at low voltage for example 12V.

Step 2:

The ionizer is basically a high negative voltage generator (some kV), with one electrode with tips and the other with metal bars.

The electrons in the tips jump away and generate a very fast flow of electrons, these electrons collide with air and pollution, this will negatively charge the air and the dust and pollution, negative molecules are attracted from the other positive electrode.

The air output is a fresh clean air.

Step 3:

The pro is fresh clean air, the cons are that you should not watch the tips because I don't know if these are dangerous, you can rotate a bit the ionizer, the air flow should arrive to your nose.

Another thing is that you should use some rigid hot glue to insulate all wires and the ionizer's case.

I used a power bank and a dc/dc module converter to elevate 5V from a power bank to 12V.

Step 4:

If you want you can save space with high voltage modules, be careful when using high voltage, I hope this will help you, bye.



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