Ipad Speaker Problem Fixed With IPost-It




I love my Ipad. I do not like the sound projection. If I want to hear anything with my wonderfull family around, I struggle. I lean in, straining to hear. I try cupping the speaker with my hand, which actually works well. That unfortunately leaves me with only one free hand and the other might as well be glued to my Ipad. This is anything but convenient since as I pointed out, I have a family.  

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Step 1:

All you need is your IPad, one post-it, or if you have none handy just grab a small piece of paper and a piece of tape.

Step 2:

Just stick it the back of your ipad, making sure not to cover the speaker with the sticky part of your post-it. If you use a case, put your IPad in the case now.

Step 3:

Now all you need to do is fold over the 2 corners that are sticking out. This should make a V. Thats it, all done. It is surprisingly effective at projecting the sound back to the user, instead of behind the IPad. Simple, effective, portable, and cheap; the best way to solve problems.

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