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Introduction: Ipad Mini and Remote Tracker

My daughter is 6 and son is 9. They both have a tendency to loose remotes in the house somewhere. Aside from the learning they still have to do, I decided to track the remotes within the house. There are several products out there you can use as well as some DIY trackers . I went with "Tile" and have been satisfied so far.

Set up is easy. You activate each Tile by pressing the "e" in the name Tile and the devise beeps. You then place it on your phone with the app open and it recognizes the Tile and allows you to name it. That's it.

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Step 1: Remote Test Drive

The Tile's are not exactly inconspicuous, but they are designed to stick to things and try to stay out of the way. Here I've attached a Tile to my remote control for my bedroom TV (which is the one my daughter constantly loses). When lost, I use an app on my IPhone. There are two settings. The first is simply that the app sends a signal to the Tile which begins beeping and playing music. The app tells you when you are close, even stating "it is within hand's reach" or something to that effect. The second setting is one I have not had to use as it tracks the Tile throughout the local area (city). It uses the network of Tile users which send out signals to try and find a Tile. My son was concerned about our dog getting out so I created a Tile which is on her collar. We can track her within the City if she gets out. Luckily we have not had to do that.

Step 2: Christmas Problem

For Christmas we gave the kids Ipad minis. I immediately was concerned not so much of them braking the minis, but losing them. So, I've attached a Tile to each. So far both kids have been excellent about keeping track of the minis on their own. But I like the added security of having them attached. the only problem was they looked pretty ugly.

Step 3: Dress It Up

So, I used some sticker project paper, printed off fun images they kids wanted (they are into How to Train Your Dragon) and utilized the Tile's placement in the dress up. So far the kids think it is pretty cool. I like the fact I can track the minis, which means part of the time I can track the kids who constantly have the things close by. They've also learned that when the minis start to beep that I'm looking for them and they come find me. It is making me lazy as I'll send a "find" command to the mini downstairs and the designated child will come find me without me having to leave my seat. I'm sure the DIY versions can do more for local tracking inside the house, but I haven't had the time to explore the options. Anyway, just wanted to share with everyone.

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    5 years ago

    I love the stickers! And the idea to low jack the dog was inspired.