Iphone 5 OtterBox Defender Case Tripod Mount



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This Instuctable provides steps to help you convert your Iphone 5 OtterBox Defender case into a tripod mount.
Here is a direct link to the YouTube video of this Instructable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCZkFb2sx3g

Tools Required:
Iphone 5 Otter Box Defender Belt Clip
2. Strong Epoxy
3. 1/4” Drill Bit
4. 1/4” Nuts
5. Diamond Tip
6. Sanding Bit
7. Dremel
8. Safety Glasses


Step 1: Creating Your Camera Mount

1. Using the Dremel and the Diamond tip, Cut along the line to allow the Camera lens to have a clear view.
1.1 Bite it off, like MacGyver
2. Use The Dremel and the Sanding tip to smooth the newly cut edge.
3. Cut and Sand edge.
3.1 Lick it clean, like MacGyver.
4. I left the belt clip attached based on it’s versatility.
5. Place the 1/4” nuts to see exactly where you want them.
6. Drill a 1/4” hole on each side, if you prefer.
6.1 Stare a hole into it, like MacGyver.
7. I shoot mostly horizontal and there is no real way to mount the nuts for a vertical
mount. That is why I left the belt clip attached.
8. Glue the nut over the hole with your epoxy. The hole allows the mount screw to have some
wiggle room and to not break the epoxy seal. You can be a  bit cleaner than me, if you like.
8.1 Make the nut stay, like MacGyver would do.



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