Iphone 5S Passive Speaker

Introduction: Iphone 5S Passive Speaker

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This is a passive speaker project for an Iphone 5S - other Iphones may work as well. The project file is included for download on this Instructables site. Construction is straight forward with the file. You can either 3D print the passive speaker or if you have a CNC router, you can take the file and make your own tool paths to make one of wood or metal or whatever material you choose. The video doesn't do justice. The wood sounds much better than the 3D printed version although you are limited to the Iphone speaker which has very little bass so don't expect too much from this or any other Iphone passive speaker project. I made the wooden speaker from Cedar, any wood will work and the design was based on 1.5" material thickness X 3.0" so you can make it from 2x4 building lumber if you like. Attached are a few pics from the CNC router and if you review the video, you can see and hear how it works. I hope you enjoy this project - passive speaker so it's straight forward. Please vote for me on the CNC challenge. Thanks for looking! Find me at BritzDesigns on Facebook, Etsy and YouTube.


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