Iphone Charging Dock With LED

In this DIY tutorial I will be showing how to make your own charging dock with LED lights.

My dock is made for an Iphone 6s plus, so any phone with 8 by 16 size will fit.

For your own phone you can easily adjust the sizes of the things i used.

Step 1: What to Do You Need?

Above you can see all the parts you will need for my dock.

Ofcourse you can adjust this as you want.

List of item:

  • Wood (or any other material which isn't electrically conductive)
  • Glue
  • LED's
  • Electric cables (small)
  • Tin Foil
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Hinge
  • Charging Cable
  • Batteries (which suit your led's)
  • Battery holder

Tools you may need:

I used a laser cutter to make the wooden parts, you may use a saw.

I 3D printed my hinge (thats why it's a little bit broken) you could get a cheap one in a store or do the same :)

The thingy i used to print mine: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19522/#made

I used a Glue Gun to glue most of it together.

You will also need a soldering pen.

Other then that some scissors and a pencil.

Step 2: Making the "Push Button"

First we need to make the thing in the pictures above.

I folded some paper and bended it. I taped it together to keep it in place. (3 cm long, 0,5 cm wide)

Then you will need some tin foil, cut the tin foil in the size of you're paper creation. Glue this on the convex side of it. then tape it aswell, but only in the middle.

Because it's paper it will never get straight again (by itself).

This will be used later as a "push button".

Step 3: Making the Connection

Now we are going to make the circuit.

Grab yourself 2 electricity cables and cut of the plastic.

you should have a cable with 1 side of just copper, this side must be aslong as your "push button" plus about 2 centimeters.

Now glue this to the smaller rectangle (in my picture of things needed). Use barely any glue, it's just to hold it in place. Don't glue the last 2 cm of the copper.

Bend the last 2 cm of it in a 90 degree angle. The end of it will be under your push button.

Now cut a piece of tin foil about 1x1 cm. tape this over the end of you copper cable.

Next up we're going to apply the push button.

Cut a second electricity cable, this time you'll only need about 2 cm of copper cable.

tape the end of the copper on the tin foil side of your push button.

Now glue and tape this right above the tin foil square you just made.

If you press the paper down it should touch the tin foil. Make sure there isn't any tape between it.

Now connect the positive side of you battery to the negative side of your led.

Connect the negative side of your battery to one of the cable on the back of the rectangle we have been using.

Connect the positive side of your led to the other cable. Don't forget, the cables need to go through the wood if you make it like mine. Solder this to make it secure when you're sure it works.

If you press the paper down the led should light up.

Step 4: Finishing Your Dock

Finishing your dock should be pretty easy after your circuit works.

Make sure to leave a hole in 1 side for your charging cable.

The small part next to the part with holes will need a small gap for your charging cable.

The holes in the part with them aren't needed if you have different led's. (I used the holes for my cables as the led's didn't fit...)

Other then that you're ready to finish it!

So the triangle looking parts are the sides. Glue the longest rectangle on one of them, the rectangle will be between the sides. After glueing to to one side, glue the smaller rectangle with the circuit to the side. (Where to place it is seen in the pictures).

Next up the small part with the gap for your charging cable glue this in a 90 degree angle to the smaller rectangle.

Then glue the other small part to it to fit the gap with the front.

You should only have the bottom, a side and the front part (my one has all the holes in it) left.

Glue this front part to the side. (your led's should be connected where ever you wanted them)

Now glue the other side to it.

Make sure everything is ok, do you lights go on when you press the "push button"? yes, ok glue the bottom to it.

You're done!



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    2 years ago

    This is a really nice looking charging dock. Thanks for sharing how you made it! :)

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