Iphone Ipad Bitmap Tool and Schemaic Diagram Free Tool

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If you are interested in mobile phone repairing or your job is mobile phones repairing. you know it is difficult to find mobile phone repairing manuals and schematic diagram and some tools very expensive ( up to 99$ + ). so I will provide an alternative tool that called " phoneboard "

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Step 1: Get Started

first, go to www.phoneboard.co and download and install as normal software. you need internet connection work with it. watch the video to show how it looks like.

support to the developer click here.

if you need all IPHONE & IPAD Schematic click here ( only patreon).its includes,


iPhone 4S schematic

iPhone 5 Disassembly

iPhone 5 schematic

iPhone 5s full schematic

iPhone 5s schematic

iPhone 6 Plus Schematic Full

iPhone 6 Schematic Diagram

iPhone 6 Schematic

iPhone 7 full schematic

iPhone 7 820-00188-A_L

iPhone 7 Plus Schematic

iPhone 7 Plus BRD 820-00229 Schematic

iPhone 8 Plus Schematic

iPhone 8 Plus D21 MLB Schematic

iPhone 8 Schematic

iPhone X Schematic

iPhone X Intel Chipset Schematic

iPhone SE Schematic

iPhone SE R Schematic

iPhone SE 820-00282 Schematic

iPhone XS Max Schematic

iPhone XS Schematic


iPad 1st - Schematics & Manual Service

iPad 3RD - Schematics & Manual Service

iPad Air 2 Schematics

iPad Air 2 Schematic Vietmobile

iPad Mini 2 Full (retina) Schematics

iPad-air Schematic


if you are don't knowing about phone repairing well get your own risk.

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