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Introduction: Iphone Stand

How to make an iPhone stand out of a piece of A4 paper

Step 1: Basic Folds

What you want to do is take your A4 paper and fold it in half twice along it's length. Once you've done that unfold it and fold the two outer flaps in towards each other. After that fold the entire piece in half along its width making sure that the loose flaps remain on the outside of the fold.

Step 2: Amping Up the Difficulty

Now we need to start creating the stand and it's supports.

Take the now basic folded paper and evenly "dog-ear" the edges on the right side to the center (the right side being when the seam you created is facing you with the loose edges to your right.)

Fold your "dog-ear's" backwards away from the front of the seam in the paper

Now do the same "dog-ears" but this time backwards and away from the seam on the front side of the basic folded paper creating a double fold on the previous "dog-ears"

Step 3: Not Quite There Yet, But It's Looking Good!!!

following on from the last step you need to take the dog-eared edge and fold it back over itself towards the middle basic fold

flip the piece of paper over and fold the left side back over itself on the same base line as the triangle, created by the dog-ear folds on the right side. This should create a flap of paper rising out of the base of the triangle and the left side.

Thake this flap of paper and fold it over itself towards the left side

Fold the remainder of the flap once again back over itself towards the left side.

The final image is what your fold should look like from the side

Step 4: Only a Few More Folds Folks

fold the left side back over itself towards the newly created edges from the last step.

Create new dog-ears on the left side that you just folded over that are at the same width as the final edges created in the last step. take this flap and it's new dog-ears and place them in the gap that was created folding up the initial triangle.

Step 5: So Close Just Keep It Up

Now with the fold underneath the initial triangle fold the two corners of the new right side backwards. make sure that they are even. (the angle of these folds determines the angle at which your iphone will stand)

Go back to the flap that you folded over twice in step three and fold it's edges to meet the line of the triangle you created initially. folded that successfully unfold it and fold line in between the the flaps as described in the sixth picture.

Turn the paper over and you are almost ready for final assembly

Step 6: Final Assembly

Give a general description of the Steptake the even folds you created in step five and pocket them into the folds made in step three. This then gives you your stand

if viewed from the back you get a nice aesthetic of the upside down triangle, also if you turn it over to make the back look like a right way up triangle you have stronger stand just not as sexy.


P.S. I took the photos with my phone thats why it's not in the pictures



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    22 Discussions

    Nice stand. It is a bit complex, but it's worth the work.

    Although I can follow along, I'm sorry to say your directions are not very clear. I had to guess at some point but eventually finished it. It works alright, but if you can go back and break it down a little more, like a step per photo, or better yet add in a video.

    Works well, not as pretty as yours but considering I've not done anything like this in years it's not bad :) thanks for the guide. I nearly got lost at the 'dog ears' section and also where you make the tiny thick corner folds but considering it's just photo's it's not bad. Very pleased, thanks very much :)

    1 reply

    thanks trafficcone, i appreciate it, hopefully your phone doesn't fall of and break! :)

    I apologise to anyone that battled to follow ths, after reviewing the instructions myself i can see how confusing this can get, i'll post a video as well at some point and give the link. In the mean time thanks for the comments!

    I really couldn't follow this - sorry, man.

     iPod slipped off of it and almost broke. :/

     this is basically impossible to follow

    I made it and sorry I wont hold it look up ipod stand out of credit card

    it works now, but i've done the lip too small and the iphone slips >:( i have to do it again. Thanks deksta!!

    1 reply

    it doesn't work well, it's too heavy for a standard A4 paper sheet

    1 reply

    flip it over so that the triangle at the back is inverted, Sorry i thought i stuck that step in.

    well if you get it right you get it right, if you get it wrong i guess it wont work. Ive had no issues