Ipod Mini in a New Case




This is a sort of, well.. Stupid idea.. But I think it came out pretty neat, and it works well as a music player, connected to the stereo all the time!
Well yes, I could use my nano to do that. But I tought "Why not give a new birth to the Mini!" And the best of it, is that no one knows where the music comes from, and I don`t have to use CD`s..
Sorry for my bad english... Hope you like it!!!

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Step 1: The Case!

I think you know werry well what to do..
Just drill a hole, at the size of a mini jack.. And place the hole after your eye messurments! And carve out a slice, so you can connect the "dock connector"
Easy as Dell! (And bad english like hell)

Step 2: The Music

Now it`s time for the music, after about 7 min!
The next step is to put the ipod in, and connect the cabels..
And finaly listen to some good music! Rock on..

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    12 years ago

    I like the case. Apparently, an iPod can be a fisherman's friend too.

    1 reply

    12 years ago on Introduction

    It DOES look kinda retro. That's pretty cool! I wouldn't mind having one! Talk about an ice-breaker!