Ipod Nano 1-2GB Lego Dock


Introduction: Ipod Nano 1-2GB Lego Dock

This Is A Fully Pictorial Instruct-able and it shows you how to make a fashionable dock that can charge you ipod, allow a fashionable way to hold your ipod while uploading itunes, and you can even plug speakers into it.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials you will need.
Sorry for it being sideways. It Was the easiest way.
Note: Optional materials just make it look cooler.
But i recommend having then stand thing it works best. Steering wheels are not necessary.

Step 2: Materials 2

Just Get it ok....

Step 3: Step 1

Just make it ok. Make it Look Like This.

Step 4: Step 2

Add a wall Around the surface shown in this picture.

Step 5: Step 3

Add another layer/wall in the same spots

Step 6: Step 4 (tricky)

Ok this is tricky. Just try hard and look carefully it is really hard to describe. Also i have more than 1 picture so look!

Step 7: Step 5

... Your done........... and fyi look at all of the sweet photo's at bottom!



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    7 Discussions

    The problem is that you're just building around something that already exists and works. It's like making an instructable on how to make a box to put around your tissue box.

    And what the hell is with all the pics at the bottom?

    so you make a dock for a dock? sorry but this instuctable is very badly done... and thats even compared to mine sorry but fail