Ipod Touch Screen Protector Prototype




Introduction: Ipod Touch Screen Protector Prototype

As you all know I usually do knex instructables but this time I am going to do a Instructable for ipod users.  I have recently found out that clear tape would just do as good as a screen protector. Lets get started!!!

Step 1: Materials

you will need a ipod touch (duh!), some clear tape ( packaging clear tape will look worse and bad quality), scissors, and a ruler ( optional).

Step 2: Putting on the Tape

Measure the tape out to about 3 1/4 inches and place about 4 strands ( dont overlap!!!) of tape vertically.

Step 3: Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this should do the job very well for a long time so you dont have to go and buy 15 dollar screen protectors. dont forget to remove the bubbles!!! enjoy!!!



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    I find these things pointless. You cover the screen with tape that gets scuffed and looks nasty to say "but underneath this I've got a nice screen" - no one can see your nice screen for the tape...


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    screen protectors are much cheaper than an ipod screen. you can scratch up a screen protector, take it off and replace it and it looks nice again but without it, you can scratch up your screen and then replace the screen for $15, instead of the $0.99 that it would cost for a screen protector

    Very true, I just use a nice leather case that flips over with a cover and is much more effective and looks much nicer. I've even seen one iPod Touch case that has plastic over the screen and theres a gap between the screen and the cover, so the user has to push quite hard to get a response with basicly ruins the sensitivity of the iPod Touch. I also have found that they are not very discreet, you can always tell if there is a cover on the screen of a device, which I don't like, the edges peel away etc. and that doesn't look nice. Rory

    I've annoyed people by peeling off the old protective film they've had on screens for years. They look much nicer, but people are bitter that the screen isn't protected anymore...


    I bought a quite expensive case ($50), which looks professional, and you can't even see a single air bubble in it. You first place the screen protector on it, which is a thin film which doesn't effect sensitivity whatsoever. As you put it on, you use a special card to press down the film, while you remove the backing of the film. You then put a super thin latex covering on the back and around the sides, covering the buttons with a thick piece of soft rubber, making them stick out. You then place a black-matte H-shaped plastic frame around the whole unit, and then finally put the glossy black shield round the back and sides. In the end, you have a professional looking, black matte with black glossy trim, perfectly fitting case, with awesome soft rubber/latex buttons. I have to say, some things you can't DIY... Some things you must buy. You don't need to get as crazy as I did, but at least by a factory made case...

    you obviously have not tried this...it sticks to the screen and leaves an "invisibleSHIELD" residue.

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    But wouldn't you get small gaps between each peice, and also the tape may leave a residue on the screen when removed. Have you actually tried this on an iPod Touch?

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