Ipod Touch Sock Cover



 I will show you how to make your old (hopefully clean) sock into a cover for an ipod touch. 

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Step 1: Materials

 You will need an ipod, an old or new sock and earphones, etc., which are optional.

Step 2: Making the Cover

 Okay, fist of all lay the sock down so that the part that would cover the top of your foot is facing upwards. Insert the ipod into the sock and push it to the bottom were your toes would be. Then fold the part of the sock that isn't holding the ipod over the top, then pull it tight. Next, flip it over, and fold the ankle part inside-out, then around the ipod. now there is a flap were you can put your earphones etc. 

Step 3: Usage for the Hole

 You can use the hole on the sock for many things, but I use it to put my earphones through. Then, put my ipod in my pocket or lay it on something.

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