Ipod Cassette Adapter-adapter





Introduction: Ipod Cassette Adapter-adapter

I always wanted a ipod in the car audio system but I was not allowed to replace the old tape deck car radio with one that has a auxiliary or mp3 player connection in it. (parents car)

So I purchase one of these cassettte adapters that can transfer the audio from the ipod into the tapedeck system and out of your speakers. AND.... I created a anther adapter upon the cassette adapter witch hold the Ipod up to the driver. This way you can control it while driving. (still I don't recommend it! Drive responsibly!!!!)

Best of all is that you can put it in or take it out in 2 seconds, or leave the adapter in and take take the Ipod out temperately... (All this without drilling holes into the dash)

Note: You have to keep in mind that must use the basic shape and lines like the cassette, otherwise you will never get it in or out again!



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    Well, I say pull the old car radio out, and plug in a new car radio with a auxiliary or mp3 player connection in. saves you the most trouble... ;)

    All of my cars have after marcket stereos, most stock ones don't have enough wattage.