Ipod Nano 6th Gen Headphone, Power and Volume Assembly Repair

Introduction: Ipod Nano 6th Gen Headphone, Power and Volume Assembly Repair

Power button and volume control malfunction repair: ipod nano 6th gen

For some unknown reason these buttons malfunction rendering the devise useless. It is highly recommended to buy the part and replace it as opposed to other not to effective techniques I researched.

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Step 1: Tools Required : Philips Screw Driver Size 00,heat Gun, Tweezers, Magnifying Glass, Sharp Needle + Lots of Patience

The glass needs to be removed carefully with a heat gun. Gently slide your finger nail and go around the glass to peel the glue off. A plastic tool can also be used for this (Caution: excessive force to pry the glass could break it !)

Step 2: Lift the Glass Off Hinging to the Left (ribbon Cable to the Touch Screen Will Be Still Connected So Don't Pull)

Swing the glass to the side (it is attached on the left to a ribbon cable connector) . Use the 00 Phillips screw driver to lift the protective plate off as shown to reveal the logic board beneath..

Step 3: Disconnect the Display

Carefully un snap the display cable from the logic board which is snapped on two adjacent sockets on the logic board. Once the display is off, similarly un snap the last connector coming beneath the logic board. Battery can be lifted if needed but do no need to disconnect it

Step 4: Remove Power and Volume Assembly

With the 00 Phillips screw driver remove the 4 screws to retract the power and volume control assembly. The glue and black tape can be peeled off with a sharp side of a hypo dermic needle or a craft knife.

Step 5: Remove Logic Board

Unscrew the logic board and put the battery and logic board aside to access and remove the head phone jack. Remove the damaged headphone assembly. This is a good time to clean up the glue and residue to install the new part.

Step 6: Remove the Head Phone Jack

Wiggle the Jack to remove the entire assembly.

Step 7: Replace New Headphone Assembly

Insert the new assembly starting with the jack and move towards the power and volume control assembly. Screw them and test to hear the buttons (power or volume) click when depressed

Step 8: Reassemble Logic Board and Close the Ipod

Reassemble the rest of the components in the order the reverse oder they were removed (logic board first followed by tucking the battery, followed by snapping in the three on board ribbon connectors for display and volume, put the metal plate on top and finally the screen swings back). Use some silicone glue and gentle pressure to seal it back.


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