Irex Iliad Leather Case

Introduction: Irex Iliad Leather Case

How to make a leather case for the Irex Iliad

Required Materials:

Irex Iliad
The Iliad bag that comes with the Iliad (optional)
A leather bound journal size 6x8 inch (available in many styles at Barnes & Noble)
A knife (or scissors)
Epoxy (if using the Iliad bag)
Duct tape (optional)

Step 1: Removing the Pages

After choosing a journal, take your knife (or scissors) and cut the paper out of the binding by cutting where the paper is glued to the leather at the spine. This isn't too difficult, and it didn't damage the leather even though I cut out the pages with a pocket knife.

Step 2: Insert the Plastic (optional)

For this optional step, cut open the cheap bag that Irex sends with the Iliad and remove the hard plastic plate. I used this to add some solid protection to the front of the case.

Using a knife or strong scissors, begin to take a small sliver off of the plastic plate from a long edge that is about 3/4 inch wide. Then take another small sliver off of a short edge that is about 1/2 inch tall. This will ensure that the plastic plate won't stick out of the leather or keep the case from closing tightly.

Apply an epoxy or another strong glue to the back of the plastic plate and place on the inside flap of the leather. To let the glue set, replace the paper and close the case. Set something heavy on top of the case.

Step 3: The End

After the glue has set, you can place your illiad into the new case, but if you are like me, then the paper that is glued to the leather will annoy you. To fix the inevitable paper shreds near the spine, I placed a piece of duct tape over the area.

The end result of this DIY project is a snug fitting case that protects you Iliad, and looks decent.
The odd shaped upper right corner of the Iliad sticks out of the case slightly (but unless you are a huge perfectionist like myself, it won't be noticeable).

If you are worried about the Iliad slipping out of the case, then add some velcro strips to the back.

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Isn't the Iliad a book with the Trojan war and the Odyssey in it?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    The only reason I put the duct tape there is because the spine of the journal had small bits of industrial glue and paper, I just didn't want the glue sticking to the Iliad. I suppose I could have use rubbing alcohol to get the bits off, but I did this in a hurry. I did take the duct tape off of everywhere but the spine and placed a felt covered piece of hard plastic inside the front cover to protect the screen from cracking. I used aerosolized glue to attach the felt to the inside. I think it is much more cost effective and it looks like a leather bound book. I will upload new pictures of the case when I get a chance. I am supremely pleased with the Iliad. I am a Biology major in college and use the Iliad to take all my notes. The battery life is great, I accidentally left the Iliad powered on over night last week and the charge didn't change. It is pretty easy to take any pdf or other document and adjust it to fit the screen (print with PDFCreator to a page size of 124mm X 152mm.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, but seeing an expensive Iliad with Duct tape over that spline area is, well, hard to explain. Would felt and some sort of iron on glue tape work as well? Maybe something kinder to view as well as safer & flexable or non scratch for the case or screen? It is a good idea to protect your investment. Is it also more cost effective to do this rather then buy a protector made for the Irex? How do you like that Iliad? Esp. for technicial PDFs? What are your worries about the non-user replaceable battery? How do you like the sketching abilities? Battery life? Note taking... Damn, so many questions....