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Introduction: Iris Folding Sponge Bob

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On a card forum I saw the ladies talking about Iris Folding.  I did a little research and found the website in which I followed there step by step instructions to make a heart.  It came out so pretty, and was so easy to do I thought, "I can easily do this with the kids.  To keep them interested let's make it a character they love!"  And thus the Iris Folded Sponge Bob came about.

A copy of Sponge Bob - a word document is attached that I got from a google search and setup (see below)
3 Patterns or Shades of Scrap Yellow
2 - 3 Patterns or Shades of Scrap White
Lots of Tape
1 Cardstock bigger then the Sponge Bob photo you are using.

Included on this ible is a word document with three parts that you can use according to your student's ability / your prep time availability.  The first is a Sponge Bob with the lines drawn in and a color code to use. The second is a blank one in case you want to let the student's try to make their own pattern for the inside (good for teaching shapes and rotations).  The last is a copy of what Sponge Bob looks like so you can add the details.  There are two of each so that you can do this as a Mommy and Me if you want.

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Step 1: Draw the Lines

To draw the lines on Sponge Bob I decided I wanted him to be two parts, his yellow body, and white pants (that will be inked / markered brown).
For the body, I drew a diamond in the center and then a bigger diamondesque shape around touching the four corners until I came to the edge.
For the pants I drew a triangle where his tie is and then made triangles coming off that to the left / right.
I then numbered the shapes from the outside towards the center.

Included is a blank copy of Sponge Bob in case you want to draw your own lines, or a paint version if you want to use mine.

Step 2: Cut Sponge Bob Out

Cut Sponge Bob off your printed paper and then put that on the bigger piece of cardstock.  Then trace him on and cut him out so you have a Sponge Bob shaped hole in your paper.  I opted to draw on his hands and legs and only Iris fold his body.

Step 3: Fold the Scraps

Cut the Scraps to about 1 1/2 inch thick strips and fold them in half.

Step 4: Make Sponge Bob

We will be working from the back.  This can be marked w a B to remind you.
Put the template behind the cardstock and loosely tape down to stop it from moving to much.  Make sure the numbers are on the back side.
Starting from the number 1 add the folded strips on one at a time, tape to either the cardstock or another strip and trim as needed.  Repeat this for all the numbers.  Do Not tape the strips to the template because this will come off at the end.
The folded edge will face toward the center.
The open squares in the center are just slightly bigger squared strips

Step 5: Add the Details

Add the details to Sponge Bob.  For me, this included drawing the face, arms, and legs but can be as detailed or plain as you want.  The images show the front and back before details were included, and the finished Sponge Bob.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks guys! Now that I found Iris Folding I want to Iris Fold everything. It's so much fun and who can resist Sponge Bob!