Iris Diaphragm Mechanism - Solidworks Kinematics Trial Using Sketch Blocks

**work in progress, not sure if it works...

**created in solidworks using blocks in sketch mode

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Step 1: Basic Components

The iris mechanism is made up of 3 basic components:

1) The stationary base ring (ID=75mm, OD=122mm)

2) The rotating top ring (ID &OD same as base ring)

3) Leafs that slides around to close or uncover the center opening (you will have to play around with their dimensions to your like)

Create these in solidworks and saving each component as a sketch block.. Do a quick search and there are lots of tutorials on youtube..

Step 2: Adding Relations to Make the Sketch Assembly Work

1) make the two base and top rings coincidental.. they should snap to the origin

2) click the handle and try rotating

3) the top hole of the leaf should be made concentric to the hole on the top ring

4) the bottom hole of the leaf should be snap to the middle construction of the base ring slots

5) click the leaf and create a circular pattern of 12

6) no need to worry about the relations of the patterns as they are automatically added

See the youtube clips above....

**work in progress, not sure if it works...
**created in solidworks using blocks in sketch mode **

for more projects, please visit:



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    4 years ago

    really cool! can you give us the solidworks files?

    saw many laser cuts on instructables.. i might try out with cardboard first or if my 3dprinter arrives first.. shall see how it goes..