Iron Jaws

Introduction: Iron Jaws

This project represents a junk monster coming out of the ground. It was a team effort (three students helped by two workers) in wich we had as purpose to make people more aware of the trash that they throw every day. It was seen by many people and rcevided the first place in a contest called "The Monsters of our disregard for enviorment" (held by the mayor of Bucharest).
It was made entirely from thrash, it's structure uses two truck rims as joints of the lower jaw, whilst the jaw is made from a bent  I profile steel beam. The rest of the structure, the back, upper jaw, and it's tentacles were made  from recicled steel pipes welded together.
It's theeth are made from irons wich came straight from the landfill. We fixed them by welding. Through the teeth there is a large tounge coming out of it's mouth witch is nothing else but an old ironing table. The back and the inside of it's head (the brain circuits) is a complex web of entangled used/ thrown mobile phone chargers. The tentacles were covered with cables of all sorts and other junk that looked good :) The trash bags placed on the monster's upper and lower jaws were filled with garbage and they were sugesting a kind of weird, dangerous gums.

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