Iron Man Arc Reactor Pendant

Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor Pendant

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Learn how to make a neat pendant shaped like an arc reactor out of materials you might already have!

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Step 1: Stuff You Will Need


-1cm long piece of 2 1/4" PVC pipe
-8 ft of enamel coated magnetic wire (I got mine from a small transformer in a laptop charger)
-Silver metallic spray paint
-A keychain ring
-A small washer
-16-8 gauge solid copper wire( pulled my piece right out a chunk of wire that is used in houses' electrical systems.)
-A necklace chain


-Soldering iron
-Solder sucker, de-soldering wick, or de-soldering iron
-Gorilla glue
-Wire cutters
-Needle nose pliers
-Nail polish(clear or metallic)
-something to pry at stuff with(flathead screwdrivers and chisels work great!)

Step 2: Make the Base

Take your pipe and cut a short piece off the end. I measured at 3/8". Then, take it out and lightly cover the piece with that silver spray paint. While that dries, head back inside for this next step.

Step 3: Get Some Enamel Coated Wire

We need some wire to make into the coils on our arc reactor. For this we will take the wire out of a transformer from an AC adapter, so heat up your soldering/de-soldering iron. Mine is just an old laptop charger. Start by prying it open to get inside. Then, locate the transformer. It is usually a block covered in yellow and/or blue plastic. De-solder it. If you don't know how to do this, head over to YouTube to find a good guide. Now that you got the transformer off, remove all the coverings, and you should be left with visible wires inside of a metal loop. Try to get rid of the metal to allow access to the wires. I was able to just put enough torque on the metal with two pairs of pliers, that the metal just cracked in half, but you might a hammer or even a saw. Feel free to completely unravel the coils to use later.

Step 4: Make the Frame

Take your painted pipe and thick copper wire and bend it as shown in the picture. I bender the whole first price before cutting it. Then, I used the leftovers to make the other price that fits on to the others. We will glue stuff on this later.

Step 5: Wrap Them Coils

This is the time consuming part. Start with the wire on the inside of the pipe, with the long part of wire hanging out the back of the base. Hold the end halfway in the pipe against the inside edge and wrap the other end over and through about six times. I cut the wire in between each cool, but it is not necessary. I also put some nail polish on the inside and back of the coils to try to keep them in place, but it didn't seem to make a difference. The key is to just make your coils very tight, so they will not move or come apart.

Step 6: Add the Center Rings

Take the key ring and center it, but splitting the two wires that make up the ring with one of the copper posts we made earlier. I chose the upper center post. I tried soldering the two together, but it failed. However, the solder and flux left behind gives the metals a really neat worn look. But, I resolved to just adding a drop of gorilla glue on each contact of the ring on the copper wire. Then add gorilla glue to the points of wire that touch the washer when it is centered in the key ring.

Step 7: Add a Loop to Turn It Into a Necklace

With some of the left over wire, cut a piece about 6 to 8 inches long and fold in half. After twisting it up, wrap it through the base loosely twice. Once on each side of a the center copper wire. One end has the both ends of the wire, while the other has a loop. Pull the ends of the wire through the loop until you can slide a pencil through both loops at the same time. Then take the tail sticking out of the loop and trim it down so it is only an inch long and separate the two wires that are outside the loop. Twist them into the wire, one gaining in each direction. Now you should have a loop of wire wrapped twice around the base. This keeps the same part of the pendant always on top while providing a space to put your chain through.

Step 8: Put a Chain on It and Wear It, You Baller

Just add a chain with length to your preference. I found an old dog tag chain laying around that had a good look. Now you have a stylish necklace!

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Note: this was my first instructable, so I have some mistakes. The pipe is 2&1/4