Iron Man Arc Reactor+ Helmet (bucket)





Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor+ Helmet (bucket)

About: I like making things out of stuff from home. I want to try to make my instructions as clear as possible, and easy to do.

Im going to be iron man for halloween and this is my arc reactor and bucket helmet. Its nothing too complicated.



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    how many volts does the arc reactor juice out? can you charge a phone with it? lol

     THAT BUCKET HELMET! Omfg its the most creative thing ive ver seen! I laughed so long xD! but seriously thats some good imagination at work!

    dude awsome arc reactor i give that a 10 but i give the mask a 3

    hi everyone i am iron man i wish i was i could fly then

    i think thats just wierd making a reactor if i wanted one i would buy a real one like yours

    its good but being a hard core iron man fav I can't say its is a perfect copy to the comic book or the film version please understand that it is cool looking and all but is not to my (ungodly high) stander

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    hehe i like how you spent the time making an arc reactor (though simple)...and just painted a bucket for the helmet hehe