Iron Man Arc Reactor Prop





Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor Prop

Here is a slide show of my second arc reactor I made. I started making it before I thought to make it an ible so I just made a slide show, if you have questions on the build please ask me. Also, this is my own work, I did not copy someone elses.





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    Looks great but where did you get the materials or did you make them yourself I've been wanting to make one so I've been looking at how other people make them but they have machines that make the parts for them

    really realistic i would just use white or blue plastic and white or blue leds but how did you make that ring. like the one filled with holes. like that thing inner the hot glue stick ring.

    sorry I took so long to reply but the arc is made of a big hot glue stick chopped up, i did try to use wax but couldnt get to stay in

    I am running into trouble with the wiring of the LEDs. Do you have any layouts or patterns for the lighting array?

    Please put WRITTEN instruction!!!!! pictures work but words help more!

    looks pretty good the only problem is that you've got wierd yellow lights instead of white or blue 4 stars :)

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    i think the real thing looks better than in the picture, its not as yellow as it looks