Iron Man Chest: Mark I

Introduction: Iron Man Chest: Mark I

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This instructable will show you how to build you own iron man mark I torso suit. Overall I found it to be a challenging project as a high school kid. Just a quick WARNING: using metal that is rough can cut and create a deep scrape in your skin. Excercise caution!

I choose this because many people have dressed up in the red costume, however not many people have replicated the mark I costume.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To begin with, here are the things youll need!

-A lot of sheet metal, wherever you can find extra sheet metal, take it!
-Duct Tape
-Wire cutters
-Measuring tape
-Piano wire or hobby wire
-Fish filter
-Light for arc reactor
-Spray paint
- Hot glue

Step 2: Chest Plate

1. Take your measurement with your measuring tape. Measure the distance of your shoulders. Record that on the sheet metal with a marker.
2. Take the measurement of your throat to high abdomen. Mark that on the metal.
3. I made a rough estimate at what the costume should look like. I simply free handed the curves on the sheet metal.(DONT FORGET THE CIRCLE FOR THE ARC REACTOR)
4. Next, I created a small piece to position below the top half of the chest plate.
5. After that, you should have two pieces that you will connect together. To do this I 'eye-balled' it and drew dots where i need to drill the holes. I drilled the holes and joined the two pieces together with a nut and bolt.
6. Next you must create a harness, so that you can put the chest plate on your body. cut out 2 long strips of metal and drill holes to the chest plate. Join the 2 harness strips with the chest plate, using nuts and bolts. at this point you should be able to put the wear the plate.
7. to complete the torso plates, I added a back plate, using the 'drill-nut-bolt' method, then I also added some strips of metal to the front to get a bit more detail out of the chest plate.
8. Make sure you bend the chest to make it accurate to the movie. the chest should stick out, it shouldnt fit flat!
9.Try it out again, and duct tape the areas under the plate that are unstable.

1. At the completion of all that, you can use hot glue, and glue a few lines on the chest plate, this will simulate the welding marks on the costume.
2. After doing that, spray it all down with silver spray paint, garnish with some black for a 'used' feeling.

Step 3: Back Plate

The back
1. I used a black fish filter, and i bolted it to a toy ghost busters backpack (which i spray painted black).
2. Next after the back design is all black, mount it on the metal back plate, this will attach the back design to your torso costume.
3. To garnish the back design, mount a paintball co2 tank on the bottom of the design with wire and some tape to secure it.
4. Finally add some cables to the costume, and scatter them around so they look technical.

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    6 years ago

    Great build! This is amazing!
    Do you have any digital plans/blue prints for this piece?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Why you have not finished this???!!!!! I want to see a complete homemade Mark !!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah I was planning on making a completed one, however I didnt have the time to complete it, but i figure it was a good start, also I will make the completed suit by next year!