Iron Man Gauntlet Desk Lamp + Faceplate

Yesterday night, I was in my house when I heard a weird big noise in my garden, I went out and I found a strange man in a red/gold armor, he just crashed in my garden! He said his name was Stark, Tony Stark. I asked him if I could help him in anything, he just apologized and asked me for some AA Batteries to recharge his armor, before leaving, he handed me hi armor gauntlet as a gift for helping him, and then flew….So I decided to make a desk lamp with it…. (have yet to put a led light, because the original repulsor may be a little dangerous...)

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    Fin the human

    3 years ago

    could u modify that so u could wear it?

    nemo13maguirre jesfen

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi, Sorry I don't understand the question... there are many models based on Pepakura, just google it: "Pepakura ironman hand", of course you need to have the Free Pepakura viewer software. I also used a cable sheath for electric to make the fingers. Hope this can help.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    see more here: