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This is glove light i like it cause it cheap (it only costed me 2$ for the gloves and flashlight) and easy to build it took me about an hour to build

Step 1: The Tools

To build this you only need a basic understanding of soldering.
The tools/materials you need are.
2 hot glue gun(with glue of course)
3 a glove ( I uses texting gloves cause they would stretch to fit my hand)
4 a cheap LED flashlight (try to find one where you can screw of the top to get the light)
5 (optional) a button (I used the one in the flashlight)
6 needle nosed pliers and some extra wire wouldn't hurt
7 wire stripers
8 a 9 volt battery and the hookup for it

Step 2: Killing the Flashlight

Ok so now you have all you tools we need to dissect the flashlight. Unscrew the top and pull out the light with the pliers( do NOT break the wires coming out of the light) then take off the silver tube thing so that you just have the light bulbs. If the wires are still connected to the light, hot glue them in place if they are disconnected solder them back on and then hot glue them.

Step 3: The Button

Now that you have the light pull the flashlight apart and take the button out. I took some extra wire and wrapped the exposed end around the metal piece on one side. Now hot glue it in place make sure it's wrapped tight so that no hot glue gets in between the wire and metal cause it won't work if it does. Next solder another wire to the other end of the button. Your button is now complete

Step 4: Put It Together

Now you have the light,the button and the battery. Take the red wire coming out of the battery and twist it to on wire coming out of the button and take the red wire coming out of the light and twist it to the other wire coming out of the button finally take the black wire coming out of the light and twist it to the black wire coming out of the battery. Press the button to see if it lights up if it does then proceed to the next step. If it doesn't, re-read the last few steps.

Step 5: Put It on a Glove

Now here at this part is where you have to choose. You could put this on a shirt as an arc reactor or put it on a glove. I went with a glove. Now put on your glove and put everything where you want it to see how it looks (do Not glue anything yet). If you have a lot of wires hanging everywhere clip them and re wire it. Now glue it in place. Glue the battery on first cause it's the heaviest then glue the button on I put it right on the side of my first finger. Now glue the light right in the middle of your palm.

Step 6: Cover It

Now take your other glove since they come in pairs. And cut the fingers off those gloves so now they are gaming gloves then cut a circle hole where the light is on your other glove and glue this one over the other one. Hope you like this and please vote also leave comment. Thanks.

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    3 years ago

    Yes it would, the flashlight used 3 AAA battery's but I use a 9v cause they are easier to hook up with no soldering


    3 years ago

    Cool Idea! Would this work with a smaller battery so that it would be less noticable and it wouldn't get in the way of user?


    3 years ago

    I'm sorry about the messed up stuff