Iron Man Hand

Introduction: Iron Man Hand

About: I work as an engineer , researcher, and student . I wanted to be an astrophysicist in the future. I like to make robots, rockets, and amazing gadgets.

I had made the Iron Man Hand. This Iron Man Hand is magnetic and can make stick and any iron thing in it. I has electromagnetic instead of the natural magnet so it can be controlled using a switch.

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Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Materials we need are:-

1. 1 Electromagnet

2. 1 Old Wristwatch.

3. 1 12v power supply

4. Some Wires

5. Some Super Glue

Step 2: Making Hand

To make it remove the glass and its machinery and fix the electromagnet in it as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Testing It

To test it tie it in your hand and connect its wires to 12v power supply as shown in the picture.

Now press the switch. And the magic will happen. All magnetic things near it will attract to it.

Step 4: Show Off to Your Friends

You can make it show off to your friends. And make them impress.

Written By:-

Scientist Ansh Mishra

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