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Introduction: Iron Man Helmet

I've started so many helmets, but never finished them, and through trial and error i've found a good way of getting the iron man helmet quite good. it was also very cheap, i think i spent around $3 in total and what was on spray paint :)

Step 1: Getting the Shape

what better way to shape the helmet for your head, than by using your head.

I used a plastic bag.

I wrapped it around my head (but cut the face mask out, so I could breathe)

After the plastic bag is securely wrapped around your head and take the shape of your head, have a friend cover your head in duct tape. to secure the shape.

sorry, but I didn't take any pictures of the helmet with duct tape round, but once you've done that, simply paper mache it all over

you must also add the circle things on the side of his head when you paper mache. those are optional tho

Step 2: The Face Mask

i'm not gunna lie, i made the face mask using someone else design :(

its really good and works

I didn't bother with the lights and stuff

Step 3: Painting

I used spray paint because its more shiny and it gives out a smoother finish

once painted and dryed, add detail with pen. you could do what you want with the design.

on the back i attached a bit of card (inside or out) which will seal the helmet making it a complete helmet.

Step 4: Last Touches

To connect the face mask to the helmet part i used velcrow, as then it would be removable.

i also attached velcrow to the card at the back which seals the helmet.

Step 5: All Finished

Now all you have to do is wear the helmet with style :) impress people at costume parties



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    Thanks for the save, Luke.

    This rocks but I'm only going to do the red bit because I'm making a different helmet.

    To take it off, you have to cut up the back of it............that is why i attached a bit of card at the back, which reaches over and covers the cut up the back...........this not only looks better but secures it better as well

    how do u take it off??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    me agan in the middle of making ur helmet now. onstep 2 thanx for posting it, one of these days ill finish it. ive made to other helmets that came out good but didnt satisfy me though. ive also made 2 masks. havent posted them yet. check them out and leave me a coment. looking forward to reading ur comment.

    looks good but try to build it again with opening features. dont get me wrong i love the helmet. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    super luke i'm gonna make your helmet ......... but with tech!!!!!!! the face will come up and down and the eys will glow!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

    I like your helmet. the only thing I could say that would need to make your helmet better is body filler aka bondo, sanding and more sanding. Love ya helmet man I think this is the route im goin to go. I have the mask cut out and ready to put together.

    I'm new to this so if it isn't clear how to do it, just ask and I'd love to help

    Perfect for Halloween. thanks! ps: I always wanted to do something with duct tape for Halloween.